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Driftwood Interiors is all about helping you achieve your dream house.  Offering services Construction and Building.  Qualified to remodel your Kitchen and Bathroom.  Need that pool for the summer months? Electrical and Plumbing – No problem.
Driftwood Interiors is managed and owned by a dynamic husband and wife team. Antonio and Hayley Sessa, who have been in the industry for over 9 years. Personalized on-site service ensures that they keep their finger on the pulse of their business and in the heart of their project, your home or business.Focusing on Turn-key Building Construction and renovations, they actualize your passionate ideas and deliver with excellence. Their highly capable team of contractors and staff are eager to please.
Driftwood Interiors has invaluable experience and skills which have been acquired over the years.Driftwood Interiors currently has 34 combined seasonal and full-time employees. Several of our foremen have more than 20 years’ experience in construction. We have the services of qualified contract managers, site agents, office personnel and Quantity Surveyors. The team strives for the best results with excellent workmanship and comprehensive customer care.
Driftwood Interiors is a dynamic company, small enough for ensured personalized attention and big enough to get the job done.


Bathroom Remodelling & Installations

Despite being one of the smaller rooms in your home, there are myriad of choices when renovating or remodelling your bathroom.
Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors are expertise in Wall coverings, Flooring, Showers, Sinks, Bathtubs, Toilets, Faucets and other bathroom fixtures.

Kitchen Remodelling & Installations

Kitchen renovations and installations is one of our specialties. We will help you create the kitchen of your dreams. From drawing up the plans, laying down of the floors and installing the marble counter top you always dreamed of. Giving you maximize space and storage. Practical layout and work follow. Ensure optimum work space. Homely touches to be inviting for your family and guests.
We guarantee our workmanship, and are quick, clean, and professional. We also remove all your old kitchen units and appliances. This means that you can be confident that the installation of your new kitchen will be a hassle-free process.

Wall & Floor Tiling

For that clean practical finish we love tiles. With our Master Tiler’s at Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors you can’t go wrong. Making the only hard decision – do you like the terracotta or the granite tiles.

Garage Renovations & Installations

The perfect house needs the perfect garage. Keep your vehicle safe behind a remote accessed garage door, while improving the value and appearance of your home.  With Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors you have come to the right place for all your garage renovations and installations.


Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors has experience with different types of paving.  From walkways, driveways, patios to pool decking.  This guarantee’s you will always have the best quality of workman ship.

Erecting Boundary Walls

With boundary walls becoming more and more popular over the years offering added security and privacy to your property.

Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors ensures the aesthetic quality of your home is maintained, with a range of stone walls, galvanized gates and much more.

Dry Walls & Partitioning

Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors highly recommends dry walls & partitioning for quick and easy installation.

Materials to choose from are wallboard, metal, etc with beautiful finishing options.

Perfect for creating an office space at home.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Interior painting of one’s home can be inconvenient, but at Driftwood Interiors we aim to get the job done as quickly and neatly as possible.  And you can get back to living in your beautiful home.

Driftwood Exteriors will ensure that your exteriors walls are treated correctly to ensure protection against the element and keep your house beautiful as long as possible.


For all your electrical needs – Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors professional Electricians are qualified to do all electrical installations, repairs and fault finding.


Our plumbers are qualified to handle any plumbing related problems.  From geysers, blocked drains to leaking taps.

At Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors we have the knowledge to get the job done.

Waterproofing & Leak Detection

Driftwood Interiors are experienced waterproofing contractors in Cape Town, whether it be for roofs, walls, garages, basements of new construction sites when building a home from the start or waterproofing needed on building extensions e.g. car ports, patios, balconies, showers or any other home improvement alteration. Our services are not just limited to residential homes but also complexes, office blocks, factories, warehouses etc.
When it comes to waterproofing there is just no quick fix, patch work or shortcuts – these often don’t withstand the elements of nature, and cost you more in the long run. We therefore recommend calling us out to assess your requirements and quote accordingly. If you’re looking to water-proof/ weather-proof your home or parts of your home on a budget then we suggest targeting primary areas of concern first and have those attended to by a professional.


There are two parts to a roof, its supporting structure and its outer skin, or uppermost weather-proof layer. In a minority of buildings, the outer layer is also a self-supporting structure.

The roof structure is generally supported upon walls.

Swimming Pool Installations

Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors – plan and design pools with your specific requirements in mind.  Offering you customized in ground and free standing pools.

Brick & Mortar Teams

Our seasoned brick and mortar teams will build the foundations and walls you need in no time.

Building (incl. after service maintenance)

Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors is able to offer your service maintenance with their skilled teams of plumbers, electricians, master tilers, etc.  Ensuring your property is always in top shape and excellent condition.

Scaffolding Setup

Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors have quantified staff and interlocking scaffolding required to meet your needs.

Scaffold provides a safe working environment which allows access to work sites at varying heights, enabling construction work and painting to take place.

Consisting of building frames, steel hook on boards, diagonal braces or cross brace, tie bars, toe boards, scaffold castors. Frames are available in sizes, 1.5m, 2.1m, 3m.

Project Management

The planning behind a building project to ensure that budgets, risk management, timelines and quality standards are kept can be very intimidating.  But do not fear with Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors this is all managed for you with regular dates, giving you peace of mind.

Architectural Designs, Draughts & Building Plans

Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors can have construction drawings, which are also referred to as working drawings or building plans, drawn-up for you  – using standard graphic symbols to identify walls, doors, furniture, etc.  Showing architectural sets and engineering sets (Electrical and plumbing layout).  With these drawings you can have detailed information for all projects.  From specified materials used for walls, flooring, cupboards, etc.

Building Plan Submissions

All new building or any structural alterations to a building must have the approval of City’s Development Management.  Yes, Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors can assist you with this.  The application forms are available on line or can be collected from the building plan submissions counter at the City Council. The technical aspects of your building plan will determined which supporting documents are required to be submitted with your application.

Rubble Removal

Driftwood Interiors & Exteriors are extremely professional in rubble removal.

With the benefits of having access to skips, wheelie bins, 2 ton vehicles and more.  We have the right tools to take all rubble removals, garden refuse and debris.

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